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Ansprechpartner: C. Schmidt und H.-P. Ritzer

Since September ´16 our school takes part in the Erasmus+ programme. It´s a transnational project designed to develop innovative practices and promote cooperation, peer learning, and exchange experiences in the fields of education, training, and youth. 18 motivated students from year 9 participate in the weekly after school club and work on the topic “Solutions. From Dropout to Excellence” in order to understand and prevent early school leaving.

Which opportunities does the Erasmus+ project offer young people?

The members…
…join three international project meetings in Spain, Italy and Portugal.
…get to know and work with students from those European countries.
…improve their English speaking and writing skills in the school´s Erasmus+ Club, during the international students´ meetings and the international video conferences.
…improve their social, intercultural, methodological and ICT skills.
…learn more about the opportunities Europe offers to young people.
…will be best prepared for university and their professional career.

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Watch our promo video below to get to know some of the members and their motivation to take part in the project!

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